The Power of your Smile


I can’t help myself…

As soon as my eyes pop open and I see the sun, or even just the green of the trees on an otherwise rainy day, I smile. The more I smile, the better life seems to get for me. I turn on the radio and it’s just as they are cuing up a great tune, I drive up to the light as it turns green, and it doesn’t stop there. If you pay close enough attention to the power of a smile you’ll notice the subtle yet certain difference in the way you will experience every waking moment. Life just seems easier with a smile on your face.  It is a striking contrast to those days when you get up on the wrong side of the bed and it’s a downward spiral from there.


Not convinced that turning that frown upside down is going reap any real rewards or benefits? Well here are a few interesting reasons why you should stop those grumpy days in the their tracks and fake it until you can make it…


  1. Smiling does change your mood for the positive. Smiling stimulates a flow of positive endorphins that will help you feel more upbeat in no time.
  2. Smiling reduces blood pressure. Just think about it. How often are you smiling when you are stressed out to the max.? Now think about when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself…
  3. Smiling is contagious! There was even a study done in Sweden about this, but I think if you’ve ever tried to have a frowning contest with a friend, you got your own results fast enough.
  4. Lazy? Or just lacking energy? Great news! Research has confirmed that it takes more energy to frown than it does to smile.
  5. Smiling speaks of happiness and joy in most countries on the planet. It also relays trustworthiness and approachability. Not bad for not saying a word.
  6. Use a smile to get that job offer or next promotion. Smiling portrays confidence, sociability and a great disposition. All attributes that will make you a more attractive candidate.
  7. Speaking of attraction! Smiling makes you more attractive to everyone around you, with a smile on your face you radiate positive attributes like confidence, approachability and inner happiness.
  8. Smiling can even save you time in the morning! How? Smiling makes women more attractive than make-up!!! A recent Orbit research study found that 69% of people found women more attractive bare faced and smiling than when they were wearing make-up.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg  when it comes to smiles…

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Scientific American – Smile, it could make you happier

Ted Blog – The Mystery and Magic of Smiling

BBC – The Science of Smiling.

Wired – The Science behind Smiling


What are your thoughts on smiling? …  Leave a comment below


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6 Comments to “The Power of your Smile”

  1. Anne Wright says:

    I love that – and it’s so true! Life is so much better to experience with a smile on! :)
    It completely changes your own experience of it and how people interact with you. Even when somebody smiles on the phone you can feel it!

  2. Kirsten says:

    Hi Monique!
    I felt myself smile just from reading your article! I am so glad a smile is better than makeup since I am usually “au naturel.” My smile is my most used accessory…it goes with everything :)

  3. Monique, reading this made me smile – I’m still smiling. The benefits of a simple smile can change a mood so quickly. Every morning the first thing I do is go to the mirror in my bathroom and smile at myself and say “Good Morning beautiful.”
    A smile at a stranger can make their day. The most beautiful smiles are when we smile with our eyes. You know that smile that radiates from within. aaahhh I’m smiling even broader now.
    Thanks Monique – beautiful.
    Hugs Lee

  4. Your smile always catches my attention on Facebook and makes me smile! So I know you are an authority. I want to share a story – when driving in traffic and merging, my children are the ones who do the “wave of thanks” and they then immediately turn around to see if they get a wave back (100 points) or a smile (500 points). The smiles are rare, thus the bigger point value, but when they get them my kids’ smiles are huge! They understand how special the smile they receive is. They also understand that their smiling faces peaking out the mini van windows just might affect road rage. (We started this game to manage my road rage at aggressive drivers – now we all smile instead of stressing while on the road).

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